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Perme ICU Rehab Seminars

 Always committed to providing an exceptional learning experience...

About Us

Perme ICU Rehab Seminars is located in Houston, TX and is the leading company for ICU rehab education.  We offer the highest quality of education, the greatest level of expertise, and tireless dedication to the rehab professional community. Our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every rehab professional practicing in ICU.


Our goal is to offer the participants with the knowledge they need to face the daily challenges of providing quality care for patients in ICU. It is especially important to us that our participants meet their personal and professional goals. We are personally motivated to insure their success.


We keep a low course enrollment so we can provide a state-of-art educational experience. This will allow participants to have enough opportunity to interact with the instructor and ask questions. We are confident that the Perme ICU Rehab Seminars will provide participants with the right knowledge to further improve their clinical skills.

About our President: Christiane S. Perme, PT CCS FCCM

Christiane S. Perme, PT CCS FCCM

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Publications: Christiane S. Perme, PT CCS FCCM

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Christiane Perme, PT CCS FCCM is a 1981 graduate from the Catholic University in Brazil where she received a degree in Physical Therapy. She became a Board Certified Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Clinical Specialist in 2005.  In 2017 she was accepted as a Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine, the first physical therapist in the world to achieve such recognition.


Mrs. Perme is the owner of Perme ICU Rehab Seminars and a Clinical Development Specialist at the Houston Methodist Hospital, where she has practiced for the past 35 years with a variety of complex ICU and acute care patients.


Mrs. Perme has published 23 articles and is co-author in 9 book chapters. She has extensive experience in treating adult patients in ICU with special interest in patients requiring mechanical ventilation.  Mrs. Perme a world-renowned speaker and has presented hundreds of courses and lectures in the United States, Ukraine, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria, Netherlands, Canada, and Spain.

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