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Welcome to Perme ICU Rehab Seminars

Come learn with us...

" Fundamentals of ICU Rehab"

14 hours Contact Hours/1.4 CCUs


“Mechanical Ventilation: Key Concepts Explained Simply”

4 hours Contact Hours/0.4 CCUs


"Mechanical Ventilation:Key Concepts Explained Simply"

Live Webinar:

July 11, 2024 - Thurs


"Fundamentals of ICU Rehab"

NEW: ONSITE! Livermore, CA
August 17-18, 2024 -Sat/Sun

Live Webinars:
June 21-22, 2024 - Sold Out!

October 18-19, 2024- Fri/Sat

Questions? Contact us:


Contact us!

Course instructor:

Christiane Perme, PT CCS FCCM


"Mechanical Ventilation: Key Concepts Explained Simply" Webinar - Comments from colleagues...


“Chris' enthusiasm and encouragement are priceless, really motivating to go to work on Monday and apply what I learned today!”


“Clearly and simply defined the way the ventilator works for therapists.”


“The entire webinar was helpful. I especially found the thorough explanation of the various modes of ventilation and implication for therapy helpful. The case study at the end tied everything together very well.”


"The course was AMAZING!!!"


“Chris provided analogies to help better understand the complex information. Her personal experiences were also very beneficial.”


“Practical information and visual representations of different ventilators helped tremendously with familiarizing settings/data on the vent. The videos demonstrating intubation/extubation and paradoxical breathing were great."


“I appreciated how you organized the information, and it was well explained for what's important to a therapist in working with a patient on mechanical ventilation.”


“Great visual examples of various vent settings and impact of vent settings on patient care, also great information of specific vent settings and how they apply to mobility in the ICU… “

“Chris presented all definitions in a manner that was easy to understand and apply to my everyday practice.”


 " Fundamentals of ICU Rehab" Webinar - Comments from colleagues...

"Chris is a wonderful speaker. Her use of anecdotes and enthusiasm both kept me engaged and helped me understand the material."


Originally, I was a little nervous about he prospect of a 14 hour webinar, but Chris managed to make me feel like I was in a classroom by regularly interacting with the audience."


"This webinar went into detail regarding specific skills for ICU rehab including complex lines management. All of the course sections were applicable to direct clinical practice.

I finally truly understand PEEP!"


"This webinar absolutely exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much for a very thoughtfully planned and executed CE webinar. I will definitely recommend to others.”

“ This webinar instilled a new spark of passion and reason on why I became an occupational therapist.”


“Christiane is gifted as an instructor and speaker. You can tell she is very passionate about her profession and patient care."


"She manages to explain very complex topics in a clear, concise, and relatable way and also maintains a cheerful and upbeat affect throughout the webinar.”


“Chris ability to weave course content with clinical correlation is unparalleled.”


“Christiane, you are extremely knowledgeable and very engaging. You had my undivided attention throughout this 2- day webinar. Thank you so very much! I am SO happy I took this webinar.”


“Chris’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious. Totally worth attending this webinar. Also,  this webinar stimulates critical thinking. Would love to continue learning from you!”


“Chris shares her experience in an engaging, humorous and humble manner that addresses real clinical situations that are very helpful and meaningful to any acute care therapist practice.”


“ I cannot thank you enough for showing us your honesty and passion for wanting to know more about our profession and sharing your experiences with us. It has reiterated the "why" and shed light towards the purpose of therapy, versus simply doing patient care because there is a consult in place.” 


" Your stories are most memorable!"

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